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Fast Facts About IFPS

The National Family Preservation Network (NFPN) has analyzed, researched, provided resources and training on, and promoted Intensive Family Preservation Services (IFPS) for the past two dozen years. Here are 10 fast facts about IFPS:
 About a dozen states have an exemplary statewide model of IFPS characterized by 24/7 availability of the IFPS workers, low caseloads (2-4 families at a time), brief length of services (4-6 weeks), 40 or more hours of face-to-face services with families, clinical interventions, and 24/7 supervisory support with case consultation.
 Exemplary IFPS programs serve on average about one-third of the families whose children would otherwise enter out-of-home placement.
 The average cost nationwide to provide quality IFPS services to a family is $6,000 while the average annual cost of out-of-home placement of a child is over $30,000.
 At least 90% of families nationwide remain safely together at the close of IFPS services.
 Exemplary IFPS programs assess families using the North Carolina Family Assessment Scales (NCFASes) that were originally designed for use with IFPS services.
 The most prevalent federal funding source for IFPS is the Promoting Safe and Stable Families Program (PSSF) that currently provides $335 million annually for family preservation, family support, reunification, and adoption services.
 The District of Columbia is using a federal Title IV-E waiver to fund IFPS services.
 Research has linked effectiveness of IFPS to the provision of concrete services such as rent, auto repair, utilities, food, etc. While amounts vary across IFPS programs, the average is around $300 per family.
 Exemplary IFPS programs require about 40 hours of initial training for IFPS workers.
 About 75% of exemplary IFPS programs offer step-down services. Some programs offer up to two booster sessions within six months of case closure. Others offer service extensions or less intensive services.
For a more detailed overview of exemplary IFPS programs visit:
For information on how to establish an exemplary IFPS program view the comprehensive IFPS ToolKit:
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Posted by Priscilla Martens
NFPN Executive Director