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Announcing the New Preserving Families Blog

The Intensive Family Preservation Blog Has a New Home and a New Name

As of January 1, 2016 the National Family Preservation Network will assume authorship of the Intensive Family Preservation Blog under its new name the Preserving Families Blog. Watch for interesting, important and educational posts about Family Preservation.

The IFPS Blog began in April 2013. Since then, 92 posts have addressed 14 key categories for family preservation:


The 40th Anniversary of IFPS offered an opportunity to reach out to some of the most influential individuals across the history of IFPS from its beginning to what is happening today. Their posts can be found in the 40th Anniversary category.


The two most recent posts are:


All the posts from the Intensive Family Preservation Blog remain in the archives of the Preserving Families Blog. You can search by topic or date for posts of interest to you.

You will continue to receive alerts of new posts by email. You can also visit us at our new address: .


Happy Holidays and a Joyful New Year. See you in 2016.


Posted by Peg Marckworth