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Learn More About Intensive Family Preservation Services Free Resources for IFPS

The IFPS Blog is now over two years old and contains 75 posts divided into 15 categories to assist you with finding the one you need. The Intensive Family Preservation Services website ( is one year old with material about IFPS, its history, the 40th Anniversary of IFPS in 2014, and resource material not easily available elsewhere.

In this post we feature several blog posts from the last two years and links to free resources for the field of IFPS.

It is our hope that you will find this information useful. We also hope that you regularly share blog posts and resources for IFPS with your colleagues at work, through social media, and at every opportunity! We all benefit from sharing!

While the IFPS blog posts and other materials on the IFPS website will remain available, external links often work only for a limited time, so be sure to save documents to your computer that you want to keep for long-term reference.


Here are five sample articles. Check out all our posts at the link above:

IFPS Bibliography
Includes resources on the Basics of IFPS, Policy, Research and Program Evaluation, as well as out-of-print resources (that we wish were still in print).
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Additional Resources for IFPS
Written resources and web links recommended by the Institute for Family Development.
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IFPS Nationwide Survey, 2014
Detailed information on exemplary IFPS programs nationwide. Conducted by the National Family Preservation Network.
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IFPS Toolkit
A resource guide for the development and maintenance of IFPS services.
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Intensive Family Preservation Services: An Instructional Sourcebook
Includes Background Papers on Intensive Family Preservation Services Practices, Issues Papers on Intensive Family Preservation Services, and Guidelines for Practicum Placements in Intensive Family Preservation Services Agencies: the Homebuilders® Experience.
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Sample IFPS Therapist Job Description
A complete overview of the IFPS Therapist job using the Homebuilders model®.
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Sample IFPS Evaluation
The 2014 Intensive In-Home Service Annual Report for the state of Missouri.
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Sample Request for Application for IFPS
North Carolina Division of Social Services application for eligible grantees to develop, operate, and/or expand community-based Intensive Family Preservation Services.
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Sample IFPS Training RFP
Intensive In-Home Services/Intensive Family Reunification Services Staff Training RFP from Missouri.
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IFPS Effectiveness
Final Report: Retrospective Evaluation of Intensive Family Preservation Services. August 2000; Raymond S. Kirk, Ph.D., Jordan Institute for Families, UNC-Chapel Hill.
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Posted by Priscilla Martens, Executive Director, National Family Preservation Network